Rehab CO2 Tanks


Turn that rusty, old CO2 tank in your yard into a trusted part of your team with CO2 rehabilitation. Our expert team can transform your tank into something that not only looks good, but also meets all safety standards and codes.

Our CO2 Rehab Process:

  1. The outer jacket and all external piping and insulation are removed.
  2. The Inner vessel is then sandblasted down to bare metal and primed.
  3. New Jamesbury ball valves and Swageloc tubing and safeties are installed.
  4. The tank is then wrapped in a new .063 white aluminum outer jacket, and new
    aluminum heads are installed.
  5. The outer shell is injected with a 2-part polyurethane closed cell foam insulation and tested to ensure 100% coverage.
  6. A new Copeland low temperature refrigeration unit is properly sized and installed.
  7. Finally, the finished tank is filled with liquid CO2 and pressure-tested for three to five
    days to ensure everything is working properly before shipping.
We only use parts you can trust when rebuilding old tanks. Our compressors are semi-hermetic units manufactured in the US by Copeland. Our valves are manufactured specifically for CO2 service by Jamesbury.

We can handle all your C02 tank work.

  • Full line of CO2 Parts
  • Installation
  • Tech Support
  • Refrigeration Units

We also buy your old, unused tanks so you can turn your trash into cash!