Allcryo Cryogenic & CO2 Tanks

Cryogenic and CO2 Tanks

Used CO2 Tank and Cryogenic Tank Rehab Process

At our facility, we offer a wide array of rehabilitation and repair services to all cryo tanks. Our rehab program includes shot blasts, prime and paint, new valves, instrumentation, safeties, regulators and customer logos (when provided).

Our rehab center is located in Montgomery, Texas, where we carry a U-Stamp and an R-Stamp which allows proper procedures to perform correct repair to all cryogenic tanks.

We also have the capability to cover all of your vacuum needs, whether the vessel has an outer leak or an inner leak. Our state-of-the-art mass specometer and our qualified employees have the knowledge to assist you in repairing the smallest leaks. These vessels are also rehabbed with SS304 seamless pipe and all fittings are standard CGA approved.

Our CO2 tanks are stripped to bare metal and then blasted. At this point, we polyurethane a 4 inch shell and then use a .040 Aluminum jacket to cover the vessel. We use the best parts in the world to assure you top quality of your project. Compressors are semi-hermatic units made by Copeland and have a one year parts warranty. All valves are made by Jamesbury and specified for CO2 service.

We have the capability to assist you with any future projects that may include repairs, rehabilitation, vacuum work, and vacuum-jacketed installations.

We can rehab your worse looking tank to like new condition.  We also purchase older tanks that are no longer useful to you.  If you have an older cryogenic or bulk CO2 tank sitting out-of-service, contact us and turn your old inventory into cash.

Cryogenic and CO2 Tanks
Before and After Images - CO2 Tanks
CO2 Tank Before CO2 Tank After
Before and After Images - Cryogenic Tanks
Cryogenic Tank-Before Cryogenic Tank After

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