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CO2 Electric Pressure Build Vaporizer
9 KW
18 KW
28 KW
56 KW

GENERAL - Industrial gases carbon dioxide pressure build vaporizers are designed for low maintenance operation. A typical unit consists of an insulated pressure vessel, an immersion type electric, heating element and necessary controls and piping. The units liquid inlet should be connected to a bulk carbon dioxide storage receiver. The return line must be connected to the receiver's vapor outlet.  The unit is automatically controlled by means of a pressure switch. The switch operates off the receiver's vapor pressure and is field connected by means of a 1/4" copper or stainless line. In a normal operating mode, the unit is de-energized as long as the internal pressure in the receiver is above 250 psig. If the pressure falls below 250 psig, the pressure switch activates a magnetic contractor and the elements become energized. Liquid carbon dioxide from the receiver is vaporized and returned to the top of the receiver. When enough liquid is vaporized to raise the pressure to 260 psig, the unit will de-energize.

APPLICATION - There are many applications where a carbon dioxide pressure build vaporizer would be required. They would include a most vapor use applications and many large liquid use applications. These lo actions often have a bulk carbon dioxide receiver installed. Removal of modest quantities of vapor or large quantities of liquid will result in a pressure drop in the receiver. Most carbon dioxide receivers are designed to operate at temperatures above -20 degrees F and 200 psig. The pressure build vaporizer is designed to handle this requirement.

OPERATION - The unit's operation is completely automatic. It will energize any time the pressure is below 250 psig and shut off at 260 psig. The unit is protected by two high temperature cutouts. They are factory set at 35 degrees F. Liquid carbon dioxide is vaporized by the heating elements and returns to the top of the storage receiver via the vaporizer return line. The electrical pressure switch senses the pressure in the receiver and controls the operation of the unit accordingly.

Size AMPS Lbs / Hr
460V 230V
9 KW 15 23 245
18 - 24 KW 30 47 490
28 KW 35 73 760



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