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Cardox ®
Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Filling Unit

GENERAL - this manual contains the operating and maintenance instructions for the Cardox Cylinder Filling Unit, Cardox Stock Number 1-042-0050. A complete illustrated parts list is given at the back of the manual. The cylinder filling unit is used in the transfer of liquid carbon dioxide from a Cardox Low Pressure Storage Unit to carbon dioxide cylinders.

DESCRIPTION OF THE CYLINDER FILLING UNIT - The unit is a transfer pump filled with operating controls, that is designed to receive liquid carbon dioxide at an inlet pressure of 200-300 pounds per square inch (psi), and deliver it into portable cylinders at a regulated pressure ranging from 600 psi to 1000 psi, as needed.  The cylinder filling unit includes the equipment listed below.

COMPRESSOR - Single stage single cylinder transfer pump with automatic valves. This unit is intended for handling liquid carbon dioxide only.

DRIVE MOTOR - A five horsepower electric motor is furnished. The standard motor is a 220/440 volt 50/60 cycle three-phase item; however, any motor meeting special requirements may be used. The data plate on the motor will identify special characteristics, if any are specified.

MOTOR SWITCH - This is a commercial ON-OFF pushbutton switch which includes the motor thermal overload devices.

PRESSURE REGULATOR - This is a ball type relief valve, arranged to both regulate filling pressure, and return excess carbon dioxide to the storage tank. In filling a number of cylinders, each requiring the same filling pressure, the operator sets the pressure once, then turns the valve ON and OFF by a full throw of the handle of each cylinder. In OFF position (up), pump liquid is returned to the storage tank at low pressure, so the unit need not be shut down between fillings of cylinders.

PRESSURE GAUGE - This gauge indicates delivery pressure to a filling cylinder.

BLEEDOFF VALVES - These hand operated valves are used to relieve pressure in certain lines when those lines are to be disconnected.

RELIEF VALVES AND SAFETY DISC - Two relief valves and a safety disc are installed in the system to protect those parts of the system in which liquid might be trapped by closed valves.  The items listed above are supplied as part of the Cylinder Filling Unit. The following items, not part of the unit, are needed for installation and use of the unit.

TWO FLEXIBLE CHARGING HOSES - To connect the unit to the cylinders is reached.

PLATFORM SCALE - To indicate when FULL weight of cylinder is reached.

SUPPLY AND RETURN PIPING - To connect the cylinder filling unit to the user's storage unit.

Length 39 in
Width 21 ½ in
Height 33 ½ in
Weight 550 lbs
Power source 220/440 Volts
50/60 cycle
3 phase or specified by customer's order
Inlet Pressure 200-300 psi
Discharge Pressure (adjustable) 600-1000 psi
pounds per minute
about 35
Oil Capacity 1 ½ pints
Maximum discharge pressure 1200 psig



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